New Jersey Concealed Carry Permits Soar After Supreme Court Decision: Data Analyzed

Following the Supreme Court’s pivotal Bruen decision, New Jersey has witnessed an exponential increase in concealed carry permit applications, demonstrating a seismic shift in gun ownership trends within the state. Data from the New Jersey Attorney General unveils the contours of this change, with the state experiencing a surge from fewer than 2,000 applications before June 2022 to over 33,000 thereafter. Notably, an overwhelming 99.33% of these post-ruling applications have been approved, signaling a potentially more accessible landscape for gun owners.

Dramatic Increase Post-Bruen

The Bruen decision has effectively opened the floodgates, with permit applications swelling to unprecedented numbers. This surge may represent a growing public sentiment toward the importance of self-defense or a newfound confidence in the likelihood of obtaining a permit.

Regional Reactions

Certain counties stand out in the post-Bruen landscape, with Ocean, Monmouth, Bergen, Middlesex, and Morris counties leading in application increases. This regional disparity raises questions about the local dynamics at play—whether they relate to cultural attitudes or perhaps to variances in how local authorities interpret the ruling.

The Rarity of Denials

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision, denials have become a rarity in New Jersey’s permit process. This shift may reflect an evolving legal framework that leaves little room for discretionary refusal or a more permissive stance by the authorities in the state.

Demographic Trends

The demographic breakdown of applicants offers a view into the diversity of those seeking permits. Males predominate across the board, with particular interest noted in younger age brackets. Moreover, the data points to inclusivity across racial lines, including American Indian/Alaska Native communities, indicating that the impact of the Bruen decision cuts across a wide cross-section of New Jersey’s population.

Commentary: A Frivolous Change or a Step Toward Rights?

Critics argue that the post-Bruen spike in permits may not necessarily translate into safer communities. They liken it to the unbridled use of cars for speeding despite the existence of speed limits, positing that those intent on committing crimes will not be deterred by laws or regulations. However, supporters hail this as a restoration of fundamental rights, celebrating the decision as an affirmation of the Second Amendment.

As New Jersey navigates this new era of concealed carry legislation, the long-term implications on public safety and personal freedom remain to be seen. The data offers a factual foundation, but the story of how this will unfold in communities across the state will be told in the actions of its citizens and the responses of its policymakers.

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