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    The Tisas PX-9 Carry OR: Budget-Friendly Concealed Carry

    I know a screaming deal when I see one. Built in Turkey by Tisas and imported by Tennessee-based SDS Imports,…
    4 hours ago

    7 Best Ultra-Compact Handguns for Discreet Carry!

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    Guns and Gear
    7 hours ago

    TFB Review: Brownells 733 Upper Receiver

    Brownells, in large part, started the retro resurgence of the last few years. While they did get out of the…
    Guns and Gear
    10 hours ago

    TFB Podcast Roundup 133: The June 14th Roundup

    We’re back again with another roundup of fresh firearms-focused podcasts in TFB Podcast Roundup 133. Each week we’re bringing you…

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      17 hours ago

      Review: Galco Miami Classic Shoulder Holster

      The idea of a shoulder holster is simple: Provide the wearer with portability and concealability for their handgun while being…
      18 hours ago

      Russia: U.S. Dollar Is Becoming “Toxic”

      The United States government announced a new batch of sanctions against Russia on Wednesday, targeting the energy, metals, and mining…
      18 hours ago

      Gun Control Groups Go Crickets Amidst Hunter Biden Gun Case Controversy

      Top gun control groups have notably avoided discussing Hunter Biden’s recent gun conviction and his likely appeal on Second Amendment…
      18 hours ago

      In Memoriam: Melvin Forbes

      Melvin Forbes, 77, founder of New Ultralight Arms, died on June 5 at his home in Granville, WV, surrounded by…
      18 hours ago

      Hunting With A Suppressor Now Long-Term Legal In Vermont

      Posted 4 hours ago in Daily News, Laws And Regulations by Zac K with No CommentsTags: suppressor, Vermont Vermont’s state…
      19 hours ago

      THE DECISION IS IN: More on the Supreme Court Striking Down Bump Stock Ban

      Next Post Coming Soon…▶ In another giant blow to gross executive overreach, the U.S. Supreme court earlier this morning struck…
      19 hours ago

      Beyond Tequila & the Big 5 Agave Spirits

      Alcohol can be a curious thing if we really start to think about it. Someone ages ago, said … ”Hey…
      19 hours ago

      First Look: Rosco Manufacturing K9 16-inch AR-15 Barrel

      Rosco Manufacturing is extending its K9 Series of AR-15 rifle and carbine barrels with the most recent launch of the…
      19 hours ago

      Harrington & Richardson Releases New Braced Retro Pistols

      Posted 41 mins ago in AR Patterned, AR-15, Daily News, History, News, Product Announcement by Daniel Y with No CommentsTags:…
      20 hours ago

      Federal Bump Stock Ban Ruled Unlawful By U.S. Supreme Court

      The Supreme Court ruled 6-3 that the federal bump stock ban is unlawful, arguing that the definition of a machine…
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