Chicago’s Tone-Deaf Mayor Ignores Killings In His Own City to Demand a Cease Fire In Israel’s Gaza War

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Chicago has led America in total number of homicides for something like a dozen years in a row. Last year 646 people died of homicides in Murder City, USA. So leave it to a tone-deaf mayor to weigh in on Israel’s war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. “Let’s Go Brandon” Johnson demanded that “the killing has to stop” by Israel while utterly ignoring the killing happening right under his nose in his own city.

Hizzonor Johnson, the guy with a 149+ person protective detail, has found himself completely drowning in his role as mayor. Prior to becoming mayor, Johnson was a “legislative coordinator” for the Chicago Teacher’s Union making about $85,000/year.  Today he enjoys a 21% approval rating among residents.

Running a city of 2.6 million requires more than woke talking points and studying DEI and Marxism. It requires leadership and management skills, things Johnson clearly lacks.

So it’s little surprise the Mr. Mayor has been hospitalized suffering from what he describes as severe anxiety attacks when things don’t go his way. See, the real world isn’t as simple as what they teach in leftist college classes.

Real life is hard, and it’s harder if you’re stupid. And Brandon Johnson was never voted “Most Likely To Cure Cancer” among his high school classmates.

Yes, Brandon Johnson really said “the killing has to stop” at a news conference to virtue signal against Israel.

Even worse for Da Mayor, the very next day, two young “scholars” were shot down at the entrance to one of Chicago’s failing high schools. In downtown Chicago – otherwise known as what used to pass as the “safe” part of town.

Were these choirboys on their way to volunteer at the local food bank when they met Jesus a little early? As if the pants around the thighs weren’t enough of a clue, they were not. Second City Cop blog posted a social media pic allegedly from of one of the deceased scholars posted just before Christmas.  He’s pictured with a whole lot of bling, a switch-equipped Glock with a happy stick mag and a handful of pills that don’t look like vitamins.

Of course, the incredible cluelessness of the mayor earned him a roasting on X.

Elections have consequences. Chicago voters continue to enjoy the consequences of their votes to elect Brandon Johnson as their city’s leader. And they’re getting it good and hard.

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