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[SHOT 2024] Free State Firearms LLC Releases Their Sentry Concealed Carry Pistol

The Free State Firearms LLC Sentry 9mm 1911 concealed carry pistol, has been announced at SHOT Show 2024 as the latest addition to home defense options. Featuring an innovative authorization mechanism, this pistol aims to enhance safety by preventing unauthorized use. It is characterized as especially accessible for those who may feel apprehensive about handling conventional firearms.

The Sentry’s unique design incorporates an authorization ring, a component of the patent-pending safety system. This ring allows for the activation of the firearm, thereby limiting its operation to authorized users only. The objective is to protect individuals and families from the potential risks associated with home intrusions and other threats, while also mitigating accidents or misuse involving the firearm.

Free State Firearms has recently introduced a Conceal Carry (CC) model of the Sentry pistol which comes with a 3.5-inch barrel, providing a more compact option for personal defense. This model is designed for those who prioritize the convenience of a smaller firearm without compromising on safety features.

Product specs:
– Aimed to protect against home intruders and predators.
– Safeguards against accidental shootings and suicide attempts.
– New Conceal Carry (CC) model features a 3.5-inch barrel.
– The 9mm 1911 Sentry is priced at $2,495.00.
– Product deliveries are scheduled to commence in the 2nd quarter of 2024.
– The civilian defense package offered includes:
– One 9mm 1911 Sentry firearm.
– One Sentry magazine with a rechargeable battery power source.
– One authorization ring (with the option to purchase additional rings).
– One USB wall charger and recharging cable.
– A storage case for the firearm.

The 9mm 1911 Sentry pistol and its accompanying accessories are set to become available to consumers starting in the second quarter of 2024. With its advanced technology and design focused on safety and ease of use, the 9mm 1911 Sentry pistol represents a significant development in the field of personal and home defense.

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