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Labradar LX: Just Right Or Too Late? [SHOT Show 2024][First Look]

New from Labradar comes the Labradar LX! A much smaller footprint than the original, the LX model is touted as being the next big thing in chronos. With a compact design, metal case, and tracks projectiles from 65 to 5,000 FPS. 

It even comes with a Bluetooth app so you can control and download the data directly to your phone.

On-board batter lasts 6 to 8 hours of active use and up to 12 hours of standby. 

Price? $600 MSRP.

The big question is: how does this live up to the Garmin Xero C1 Pro?

Granted, we haven’t gotten to actually use the Labradar LX yet, but on paper, it’s hard to say that the Labradar will be any better than the Garmin Xero C1 Pro.

They both use 60ghz radars, they both don’t require much aiming to be lined up on target, and they both track between in basically the same range of FPS (Garmin 100-5k, Labradar 65-5k.) And both are from brands that we have come to know and trust.

One upside of the Labradar LX is that it is made in Canada. While that isn’t supporting US labor, Canada is at least pretty close to home.

MSRP for both are $600. 

In the end, competition is good for the shooters. Right now, Garmin can’t stay on the shelves and is almost always sold at MSRP. While the Labradar LX won’t be shipping until at least late-March, it is coming soon. 

Hopefully, with both on the market, we’ll see some great deals.

As soon as we can get a Labradar LX in hand, we’ll bring you a complete review of it. For now, we’re excited to see that we haven’t seen the last of Labradar. While they weren’t the first to drop this new generation of chronos, they are still in the game with a unit to be reckoned with.

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