The Military Armament Corporation MAC 5 Channels an Icon

Who doesn’t love the HK MP5? There is just something cathartic about giving the charging handle a slap and hitting the giggle switch. Since its beginning, Military Armament Corporation has had its eye on the iconic platform and has now released its version with the MAC 5 and 5K.

The Military Armament Corporation MAC 5 and MAC 5K

Available in two different lengths, the MAC 5 and MAC 5K are dead ringers for the HK MP5. Constructed of glass-filled, reinforced polymer, the grip module and forearm provide a familiar interface to the pistols. In addition, the remainder of the pistol features a lacquer paint over manganese phosphate finish.

Chambered in 9mm, the MAC 5 and MAC 5K are available with either a 5.8-inch or 8.9-inch button rifled barrel. As a result, the two options come to overall lengths of either 13.7- or 17.9-inches. Likewise, each pistol comes in at an unloaded weight of 4.6- or 5.5 pounds, respectively.

(Photo by Military Armament Corporation)

Featuring a roller delayed blowback action, the pistols provide an authentic feel to go with the iconic look. Correspondingly, the MAC 5 and 5K let rounds fly via the SEF pattern trigger with an approximate 4.25-pound pull. Likewise, the curved trigger keeps in line with the original for a true representation of the MP5.

Providing the aiming solution is the hooded front post sight with elevation adjustment. Correspondingly, the MAC 5 features a castle style rear, while the MAC 5K includes a diopter rear sight, both adjustable. However, the models are also compatible with the HK Claw Mount (not included) to install an optic.

Since the MAC 5 and 5K are direct replicas of the MP5, they are also compatible with MP5 aftermarket products. This includes products directly from HK, but Military Armament Corporation will also be releasing MAC-branded products as well. Each model utilizes a 30-round standard magazine, and includes two magazines.

The Military Armament Corporation MAC 5 and MAC 5K.
(Photo by Military Armament Corporation)


The Military Armament MAC 5 and 5K are available now with an MSRP of $1,099.99. For more info, please visit MilArmamentCorp.com.com.

Military Armament Corporation MAC 9 DS Specs

  MAC 5 MAC 5K
Caliber 9MM
Barrel Length 5.8″ Button Rifled, Fluted Chamber 8.9″ Button Rifled, Fluted Chamber
Overall Length 13.7 inches 17.9 inches
Grip Module Reinforced Polymer, Glass Filled
Trigger SEF Pattern, 4.25lb Pull (Approx)
Action Roller Delayed Blowback
Finish Lacquer Paint Over Manganese Phosphate
Front Sight Hooded Front Post, Elevation Adjustable
Rear Sight Castle Style Rear, Adjustable Diopter Rear, Adjustable
Optic Mount HK® Claw Mount Compatible (Not Included)
Magazine 30rd Standard (Two Included)
Weight 4.6 pounds (unloaded) 5.5 pounds
MSRP $1,099.99

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