MTM Watch Status Smartwatch is Just Smart Enough

When it comes to most things, I am basically utilitarian by design–keep it simple, stupid. However, for some reason, I have always been drawn to fine timepieces and writing instruments. Although smartwatches have become an important fixture in the outdoors and tactical industry, they typically lack elegance. This is where the MTM Watch Status shines in its sophisticated simplicity.

The MTM Watch Status: Built Tough

I’ll be honest, when I first saw the Status on MTM’s website, I thought it was a beautifully done smartwatch. However, it wasn’t until I got it in hand that I realized just how attractive it truly is. Not to mention rugged enough to live up to the MTM Special Ops name.

At first glance, it has a very elegant sophistication that makes itself at home in casual and dress situations alike. But a deeper look at the 16mm thick solid titanium case reveals that it is designed for hard use. Likewise, the sapphire crystal glass, with an anti-reflective, scratch-resistant, and ultraviolet protective coating, further ensures a bombproof construction.

Available in brushed silver, blasted grey, or black DLC coating, the Status is also well-protected from corrosion. As a result, it is just as comfortable with submersion as it is in arid climates. This is a good thing, given the watch’s water resistance rating of 100 meters (330 feet), thanks in part to the screwed-down bezel and back.

The Status operates on a rechargeable lithium battery that provides me with an average 10 – 13-day charge with normal use. To charge it, the included proprietary charging cable clips onto the back and charges the watch in roughly an hour. However, if the battery is completely drained, it will take approximately an hour and a half.

Get Strapped

The Status is available with your choice of band, with a host of options to choose from. These band options include stainless steel bracelets, three levels of rubber, ballistic Velcro, nylon P-66, nylon NATO, nylon NATO XL, leather, and OC leather. Each option also provides multiple colorways to choose from so you can build the watch you want.

One thing that did kind of surprise me is the band attachment. Personally, I like screw bar attachments on my hard-use outdoor watches, and the Status uses a spring bar interface. However, after further reflection, I believe the decision does make sense.

Although the Status is a hard-use watch, it is still a smartwatch by design. For this reason, it is intended to integrate into any environment, including semi-formal affairs. And the use of the traditional spring bars keeps the lugs clean and sleek.

Not to mention, MTM uses heavy-duty spring bars, so they do not present a weak point in any way.

Classic Styling of the Status

Available in five color combinations, the Status features a composite dial. Four of the colorways feature the same color on the top and bottom half, with different textures for contrast. But the two-tone Silver really grabbed my attention and is the one I received for testing and evaluation.

It is listed as Silver but has more of an olive-drab look to me. When I first saw the photos, I thought it was just a flat-face dial. But the top half is actually a second composite layer, giving it a 3D-like aesthetic.

Adding to this is the presentation of the numbers around the dial. On the top half, the numbers are cut out of the layer, showing through to the bottom layer. However, the lower half has raised numbers with a centered MTM medallion at the 6 o’clock position. It is a clever design and very appealing in person.

The composite faced with a combination of cutout and raised numbers gives the dial a cool 3d aesthetic.

The lower half of the dial houses the OLED screen, which is nicely hidden by the translucent dial when not in use. Thus delivering smartwatch functionality without looking like a smartwatch. However, it is worth noting that this makes it a little hard to see in daylight.

The hands are sleek and feature LumiNova paint running their length for visibility at night. Unfortunately, I am getting on in years, and my eyes aren’t what they used to be. So, I would have liked tritium as the luminescent technology, as I have a hard time seeing these at night. Not a deal breaker, but it would have been a welcome touch.

Simply Smart

Everything about the MTM Watch Status screams sophistication, right down to the smart features. In a world full of smartwatches with a million functions, the Status keeps it simple and functional. Let’s be honest, most people will never use all of the features on their smartwatch, myself included.

So, MTM opted to forgo the lengthy list of functions and strip it down to the essentials. These include time (12/24 hr.), date, alarms (up to five), chronograph, text/email/call notifications, weather, 58 time zones, activities, hotkeys, city navigation, and a compass. Correspondingly, moving through the functions is fast and easy.

Utilizing the free app, the Status connects to either iOS or Android platforms. Once installed and paired with the watch, the app is as simple and elegant as the watch itself. However, as much as I love the simplicity of the app, I have found it falls a little short (more below).

After pairing the watch, the app quickly takes you through the process of setting it up and establishing your preferences. Once the basics are established, like your time zone, date, etc., you set your notifications.

This is one area that falls short for me in that I have to have all notifications turned on to get any of them. But it’s not a big deal because I have all unwanted notifications shut off at the phone level. So, I don’t get them anyway.

The watch is operated via three buttons on the right side of the case.

The Status from MTM Special Ops is operated by three simple spring buttons on the right side.

The middle (A) button cycles through the functions you have established during setup—notifications, time/date, steps, weather, compass, timer/stopwatch, etc. Likewise, the top (1) button controls the hotkey you establish—Find Your Phone, Remote Camera, or Control Music. Finally, the bottom (2) button cycles through the function of the selected complication.

Using the MTM Watch Status App

Once set up and in the app, you have eight different areas to work within. These include Activities, Time, City Navigation, Compass, Hot Keys, Notifications, Profile, and Device. Each section is simple to use and does what it says. However, the watch requires the app to control almost all features of the Status, so keep it handy.

The app has a very simple interface.
(Photo by MTM Watch)

The Activities section provides analytics on your steps, calories, active time, and KM/miles walked throughout the day/week. Likewise, you can view your progress going all the way back to the date you started wearing the Status.

The Time section allows you to set multiple time zones, recalibrate the hands, set 12/24-hour format, and activate the chronograph features. Likewise, within the time section, you can set up to five daily alarms and set the timer for anything between 23 hours and 59 minutes to 59.99 seconds.

Something I would have liked to see with the timer is the ability to set it on the watch itself. It would provide faster utility of that function.

City Navigation allows you to set a location, and the Status will give you step-by-step instructions. I am still playing around with this feature because I was getting strange results. But since it is set via the phone, most will likely opt to just use the map feature on their phone out of habit anyway.

Navigation with the MTM Status gives step-by-step directions.
(Photo by MTM Watch)

Additionally, the Compass section provides the interface to calibrate the compass and set its additional functions.

Hot Keys set the top (1) button to operate a function of your phone (as stated above). I like this because it only offers the three hotkey functions, and is easy to switch between them. Likewise, the Notifications section determines the notifications, out of sixteen options, to display.

The Profile and Device sections display personal and watch details.

A Unique Proprietary Movement

One of the more unique features of the Status is the MTM proprietary with Swiss Analog Movement. The Status keeps time via reliable Swiss Analog Movement, but the hands are also tied to the smart features. And it is all controlled electronically.

This really comes in handy in some key areas of the watch’s functionality.

First, something that really impressed me is that the hands get out of the way of the OLED screen. By this, I mean that when a notification comes through, the hands (including the second hand) will move to the 9 and 3 o’clock positions. As a result, the entire screen is visible while in use. Genius.

A genius feature of the watch is the hands that move out of the way while using the smart features on the screen.

Another—and very cool—use of this movement is in the compass operation. When you select the Compass feature, the hands become the compass dial while the screen displays the heading.

The compass on the MTM Status uses the analog hands as the compass hands.
(Photo by MTM Watch)

In addition, when the battery was at 5% (I did that intentionally), the second hand only reported every five seconds. This not only preserved the remaining battery but also notified me that it needed to be charged.

MTM Watch Packaging

Something I almost never talk about with a product is the packaging. I just don’t see a purpose. However, there are times when I will make an exception for standout packaging, and this is one of those times.

The Status showed up in a Pelican-style waterproof/impact-resistant box. On the box’s exterior is a raised MTM Special Ops logo and a raised web address. In addition, it is secured by two clasps and features two holes at the front corners to lock it.

The MTM Status comes in next-level waterproof and impact-resistant packaging.

Inside the box is the watch, along with the charging cable, warranty card, and instructions on a thumb drive. There is also a space for an extra band. But since I didn’t get one, it just has a foam wedge in its place.

Like I said, I usually don’t put much stock in packaging. But if you want to set your product apart as a stand-out in its class, this is how you do it.

More Than Just a Status Symbol­­—A Lifestyle

As I mentioned before, I am a watch guy. I have pretty much always been a watch guy. And when smartwatches came out, I was intrigued. However, most options look just a little too “techy” for my taste. Not to mention, they almost always have way too many features that I would never use.

With that said, the Status from MTM Watch provides the perfect blend of form and function. It provides the smart functions I use most while forgoing the smartwatch look and burdensome feature set. So, I can satiate my love for fine watches but still get the functionality I appreciate.

Of course, there are times when I do need just a little more, but I have other watches for that. The MTM Status is simply smart, and I love that about it. It provides a perfect, real-world example of less is more.

With an MSRP of $715.00 – $965.00, it hits the sweet spot for both stylish watches and smartwatches in one package.

For more information, please visit MTMWatch.com.

The presentation after opening the case exudes quality.

MTM Watch Status Specs

Movement MTM Proprietary with Swiss Analog Movement
Glass Sapphire Crystal; Anti Reflective & Scratch Resistant with Ultraviolet Protective Coating
Digital Display Time Display: AM/PM, Hour, Minute, Seconds
Date Display: Month-Day or Day-Month
Alarm, Timer, Chronograph, Digital Compass, Low Battery Preset Time Zones: 58 Cities EL Backlight
Dial Split Carbon Fiber/Matte Brass – Available in 8 Colors
Digital Compass Yes
Index and Hands Luminous
Chronograph Mode Measuring range: 23 Hours, 59 Minutes, 59.99 Seconds. 10 Lap Records
Water Resistance 330 Feet / 100 Meters
Alarm Mode 5 Daily or Scheduled Alarms
Case Size 45mm (Without Crown) 16 mm (Thickness)
Weight 5.5 oz
Case Solid Titanium
Finish Available in Brushed Silver, and blasted Grey and Black DLC Coating
Crown Locking, Screw Down
Battery Lithium – Manufacturer Rated At 3 Years
Pre-Defined Time Zones 58 Cities + My City (User Defined)
Warranty 3 Years
Limited Edition Each Watch Individually Numbered
Packaging Securely Shipped In Its Own Watertight Tactical Case
MSRP $715.00 – $965.00

Disclaimer: MTM Watch provided the Status for testing and evaluation. However, the company had no input or impact on the author’s findings or reporting.

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