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NATO’s Largest “War Games” With 90,000 Troops

NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) has announced its largest “war games” in decades. These “games” will include 90,000 living human beings called “troops”, dozens of warships, and more than 1,000 combat vehicles.

The troops are coming from all 31 member states, as well as Sweden. Although not a NATO member, Sweden is planning to participate. The drills will run for several months, and see training operations held across Europe.

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The rulers have named these drills “Steadfast Defender 2024,” and the exercise will kick off next week and continue into May. This was announced by the United States-led military bloc’s Supreme Allied Commander for Europe, Christopher Cavoli on Thursday.  “Exercise Steadfast Defender 2024 will be the largest NATO exercise in decades, with participation from approximately 90,000 forces from all 31 Allies and our good partner Sweden,” Cavoli said, adding that the drills would simulate an “emerging conflict scenario against a near-peer adversary.”

Cavoli went on to say that the training operations would show NATO’s ability to “reinforce the Euro-Atlantic area via trans-Atlantic movement of forces from North America,” suggesting the drills would rehearse a major U.S. deployment to the continent.

In a separate announcement, the bloc said the war games would demonstrate NATO’s ability to “conduct and sustain complex multi-domain operations over several months, across thousands of kilometers, from the High North to Central and Eastern Europe, and in any condition.”

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According to a report by RT, at least 1,100 combat vehicles are also set to take part in the war games – including 133 tanks and 533 infantry fighting vehicles – in addition to more than 50 naval vessels from aircraft carriers to destroyers. Around 80 helicopters, drones, and fighter jets will join them.

NATO appears to be preparing for a major war, perhaps with BRICS (the group of major emerging economies – Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa often seen to be in opposition to NATO).

Last week German media also claimed that Berlin was bracing for hostilities with Russia, which it projected could arise as early as summer 2025.

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