Video Captures Oakland Jewelry Clerk Firing at Armed Robbers in Daring Defense

OAKLAND, CA – An attempted robbery at the MSM Jewelry store in Oakland’s Fruitvale neighborhood turned into a shootout when a store clerk, armed with his own weapon, opened fire on the intruders. The intense exchange was captured on video.

The incident occurred near 41st Avenue and International Boulevard around 10 a.m. Monday. The store clerk, who chose to remain anonymous, noticed a Toyota Camry suspiciously parked on the wrong side of the street outside the shop. Sensing something unusual, he prepared himself for a confrontation.

Two masked men entered the store with guns drawn, immediately posing a threat to the clerk. In response, the clerk fired his 9mm handgun, initiating a shootout that lasted about 20 seconds. “They told me don’t move, or we’ll shoot. So I started shooting at them because they had the guns pointed at me,” the clerk recounted. The robbers, armed with a .40-caliber handgun with a drum magazine and a 9mm with an extended magazine, fired around 20 shots back at him.

In the heat of the moment, the clerk took cover, waiting for an opportunity to return fire. He managed to fire an additional seven shots as the robbers scrambled to escape. One of the assailants, believed to be hit in the shoulder, also got struck by their getaway vehicle.

The aftermath of the shootout left the store riddled with bullet holes, evidence of the fierce gun battle that unfolded. Tthe Oakland police did not cite or arrest the worker for his actions. “You did the right thing,” the officers reportedly told him, acknowledging his right to self-defense. The police temporarily took his firearms for the investigation, but the clerk mentioned having more for protection.

The worker’s message to the would-be robbers and others considering a similar crime was clear: “If you come back again, try to do the same thing, we’re just going to defend ourselves. At this point, you have to.”

This incident highlights the growing concerns over security in businesses and the lengths individuals are going to protect themselves and their livelihoods. The bravery and quick thinking of the clerk in this dangerous situation potentially saved lives and prevented a successful robbery.

An important aspect of this incident to highlight is the tactical awareness displayed by the jewelry store clerk. Instead of remaining exposed in the doorway, a position often referred to as the ‘fatal funnel’ due to its vulnerability, the clerk intelligently used the wall as concealment. This decision allowed him to wait for the right moment to effectively fire back. His actions demonstrate a crucial principle in self-defense situations: the importance of using cover/concealment and avoiding making oneself an easy target.

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Also, the clerk’s preparedness, evident in his possession of multiple firearms, is something else I’d like to touch on. In the aftermath of a self-defense incident, it is common for law enforcement to take the involved weapon into evidence. This situation underscores the practicality of having more than one firearm for protection. If one’s primary means of defense is temporarily confiscated, having a backup ensures continued personal safety and readiness to respond to any further threats. It is a reminder for those who legally own firearms for self-defense to consider multiple layers of preparedness and not solely rely on a single weapon.

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