SEAN HANNITY: Let’s be dead honest, Joe Biden is ‘running on empty’

Fox News host Sean Hannity discusses President Biden’s concerning ‘cognitive decline’ and the latest polling in a hypothetical matchup against former President Trump in Friday’s opening monologue.

SEAN HANNITY: So we are at the end of a very busy week. No one’s happier, by the way, than President Joe Biden. He now gets to spend more quality time resting and relaxing at his home in Delaware. Now, of course, it has not been a very busy week or month for that matter for Joe Biden. Now, yesterday, he completed just his fifth public event in the last 27 days. According to RNC research, it was a short trip to North Carolina where he attempted to talk about high speed internet. 


Now, to be fair, Biden didn’t just give a speech in North Carolina. He also visited the delicious Greensboro-based chain Cook Out, where he enjoyed some ice cream. It’s Joe’s big reward for a hard day’s work. This is such a ridiculous game that Democrats are now playing. They trot Biden out in front of a small crowd of hand-selected guests every few days. They carefully guide him onto the stage. The fewer steps, the better. Somebody is on standby to walk him off-stage left or stage right. They load a short script into the teleprompter with the biggest font possible, obviously written by a staffer that Biden probably doesn’t even know or remember. And then finally, they all cross their fingers and they’re hoping and praying. 

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