Mark Wahlberg is prioritizing ‘recovery’ instead of ‘intense workouts’ as he gets older

As Mark Wahlberg gets older, the actor is choosing to prioritize his rest and recovery over an intense, seven-day workout routine.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Wahlberg, 52, explained why he’s made the decision to change the training schedule that he’s been comitted to for years.

“I mean, look, I just, you know, get more and more injuries and not recovering the way I should,” the Municipal co-founder began. “There’s no reason why anybody, never mind somebody at 52 years old, needs to be training, seven days a week and then doing two a days. You’re just putting a pounding on your body and recovery, you know, God has given us the best possible gifts. One of them is sleep right to recover and to heal and also even cold water.” 

Wahlberg explained that he’s been incorporating cold plunges into his wellness routine. He explained that starting his mornings in ice-cold water, especially since Las Vegas temperatures have dropped this time of year, has been challenging. 


“The feeling that you have, it’s pretty good,” Wahlberg said of the cold plunges. “It’s definitely something that I look forward to in the morning, not necessarily getting in, but the feeling I have after for sure.”

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Wahlberg told Fox News Digital what a typical workout week looks like for him now that he’s made the changes to his routine.

“Taking a cold plunge and doing that, resting two days a week and really kind of just focusing on being able to move and feel good for the long haul and hopefully drag this beautiful thing called life for as long as possible, as opposed to just worrying about aesthetically trying to get bigger and stronger and then ultimately getting injured,” Wahlberg said.

Mark Wahlberg in a white t-shirt and black backwards hat

Mark shared his injuries, which include “problems with shoulders, knees, back” and he’s said he’s made “all the mistakes possible.” 


Wahlberg is trying to “share that with my kids, who now love to work out. I want to make sure that hopefully they can avoid making some of the mistakes that I made.”

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The “Father Stu” actor shared his top tips for leading a healthy lifestyle, which include getting lots of rest.

“Eat right, exercise and rest, and you know what? You have to find balance,” he noted. “You don’t want to live a boot camp type of existence. You want to be able to go out, have fun, reward yourself for your hard work. I think everybody wants to go celebrate their accomplishments as they should be able to. Then you get up the next day and you get after it and I think finding a nice balance and a nice routine is the key.”

Wahlberg makes sure to include his new and improved fitness routine into his daily schedule, and he also finds time for his faith.

Mark Wahlberg on TV

The actor said he wakes up before everyone else to focus on the “nice, quiet time” and to get on his “hands and my knees, express my gratitude, reflect and think about the things that I should be doing.”

“Then after that, I get in the plunge and I get in the gym, and then I come back, and I read my prayer book, and I’ll do whatever I need to do,” Wahlberg said. 

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mark wahlberg with his family

“I like to get as much of my stuff done before the kids got to get up for school, so that way I’m not taking time in the middle of the day to focus on all these other things that I need to do to be the best version of myself.”

WATCH: Mark Wahlberg starts his day with a prayer

Mark and his wife of 14 years, Rhea Durham, share four children: Ella, 20, Michael, 17, Brendan, 15 and Grace, 13.

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