JESSE WATTERS: When the so-called brightest minds get together, it’s nothing but a debaucherous insane asylum

Jesse Watters discussed what happened at the meeting of the world’s minds at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland Thursday on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”


JESSE WATTERS: The meeting of the minds goes back to the ancient Greeks, when philosophers like Aristotle and Socrates used to gather, and what they called agora is a space where philosophy and business and politics were discussed amongst some of Athens’ best and brightest. 

These meetings generated a cauldron of ideas on how to organize society and achieve happiness. But today, when the so-called brightest minds get together, it’s nothing but a debaucherous insane asylum. 

This week, thousands of the world’s most elite executives and politicians jetted off to Davos, Switzerland, for the World Economic Forum. Besides January 6th, it’s their favorite day of the year at the party. 

Sociopaths indulge in the highest quality caviar, endless champagne and psychedelic mushrooms. And where there’s drugs, there’s sex. It’s the busiest week of the year for Swiss escorts. $700 an hour or $2,500 a night. Rates were much lower when Trump was president. Thank you, Bidennomics. 

You can almost smell the magic of the place when you’re there is how one well-connected regular describes the week. But of course, the magic isn’t for everyone. It’s an invite-only event, so you have to be somebody just to get through the door. And if you’re in, guests are slapped with wristbands and divided by class. 

White with shiny blue means you’re a VIP. Plain white, married to a VIP. Green, you’re a VIP escort – not that type of escort. They don’t get wristbands. At Davos, everyone feels special. But before they get to business, they have to break the ice. 

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