Chicago Teen Shot at During Robbery Attempt at Local Burrito Restaurant

CHICAGO, IL – A 17-year-old boy got a dose of reality when a licensed concealed carry holder shot at him during a robbery at a Northwest Side burrito restaurant, according to the Chicago Police Department.

The incident occurred around 9:35 p.m. on Monday at Taco Burrito King, located at 5413 West Belmont. Reports say the teen, known for causing trouble in the area, entered the restaurant, brandished a gun, and demanded cash from the register. The cashier complied, handing over the money without resistance.

The situation escalated when a customer inside the establishment, a licensed concealed carry holder, confronted the teenage robber. The armed citizen drew his weapon and opened fire. Several shots were fired, some of which shattered the restaurant’s windows.

The teen fled the restaurant, escaped in a black SUV, but soon crashed his vehicle and continued his attempt to flee on foot. The Chicago Police quickly apprehended him and discovered a firearm inside his abandoned Honda CRV.

The injured teenager was transported to Community First Hospital for medical treatment. The Chicago Police Department has revised its initial statement, stating the suspect did not sustain a gunshot wound.  He is currently in police custody, with charges pending.

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