CCRKBA: More Guns Equals Less Crime

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As the data for 2023 continues to roll in, the evidence is mounting to support the claims of gun rights activists that guns do indeed save lives. This recent article from the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) lays out the argument from the most recent data:

Data posted at the Gun Violence Archive website shows 2023 produced fewer homicides, suicides, and gun-related injuries than in 2022, which indicates expansion of permitless carry laws, allowing more people to carry firearms for personal protection, did not result in more bloodshed as anti-gunners predicted.

The CCRKBA noted that GVA data traditionally drives the narrative from the gun prohibition lobby and its allies in the establishment media. The GVA is typically the first, if not only source quoted in news reports when the subject is related to violent crime.

“So far this year,” noted CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb, “there has been an odd silence from anti-gunners who were drowning us with ‘Chicken Little’ predictions of mass mayhem now that we’ve got more states with permitless carry. But the data from their favorite source doesn’t support those claims.”

According to the GVA data, 2023 produced fewer homicides (18,906) than in 2022 (20,396) and fewer suicides last year (24,090) than the year before (27,038). The overall numbers reflect the reductions: 42,996 people died as a result of so-called “gun violence” in 2023, down from the 47,434 victims listed by the GVA for 2022.

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