Cam Newton suggests Florida documentary should have shown more respect to Chris Leak

Before Cam Newton was a Heisman Trophy winner and national champion at Auburn, he was on a Florida team that included Tim Tebow, the Pouncey twins, Aaron Hernandez, Percy Harvin and more.

The height of the Gators’ success and controversy was detailed in the latest episode of Netflix’s “Untold” documentary series called “Swamp Kings.” Newton on Wednesday criticized how they treated quarterback Chris Leak, who starred for the Gators from 2003 to 2006.

“Some of the things I did not like about the documentary was how they played Chris Leak, in my opinion,” Newton said in a TikTok. “I was watching it like, they said things like, ‘We were just one quarterback away.’ Like, bro. Chris Leak was that motherf—er.

“Let’s not forget how pretty of a ball he threw. Started as a freshman in the SEC from Independence High School out of Charlotte. Like, what are we talking about? Granted, Tebow is everything and some. But bruh, let’s not try to dim the lights of Chris Leak.”

Leak had 11,213 passing yards and 88 touchdown passes as a starter for the Gators. He was on the national championship team during the 2006 season.

Chris Leak at the national championship


Newton also echoed a lot of the criticism from college football fans wanting to see more about those years under Urban Meyer. Newton specifically wondered where Harvin, Joe Haden and the Pouncey twins were.

Newton was a part of some controversy himself at Florida when he was charged over a stolen laptop. The charges were dropped after he completed a pre-trial diversion program. He later transferred to Blinn College and led the school to a NJCAA national championship.

Cam Newton touchdown

In 2010, he played at Auburn and threw for 2,854 yards and 30 touchdown passes. He won the Heisman that year and helped Auburn to an undefeated national championship season. He would later be selected No. 1 overall in the NFL Draft.

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