Blue States Steal Benefits From the Poor, Disabled To Fund Dubious ‘Anti-Violence’ Programs

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There are scoundrels in the world.  And then there are “Blue State” politicians who would steal from the poor to give to the rich, “anti-violence” grifters. Case in point: Seven states including California, Illinois and New York are stealing benefit money from the poor and disabled to fund dubious, unproven so-called “anti-violence” programs.

Frankly, in many of these states, “woke” soft-on-crime policies like “No Cash Bail,” defunding the police, gun control schemes and other misguided criminal justice “reforms” have given these deep blue states their rampant violent crime. If the statist do-gooders running these violence-ridden cesspools would simply hold criminals accountable and allow the little people the right to self-defense with firearms, the crime problem would solve itself in short order. has the very fetid details:

States Begin Tapping Medicaid Dollars to Combat Gun Violence

The subhead says it all:

So far, seven states have passed laws approving the use of Medicaid funds to pay for community-based programs intended to stop shootings. But unlocking the funds is complicated and it’s unclear how much money will actually be diverted.

Here’s the story:

To tackle America’s gun problem, a growing number of states are using Medicaid dollars to pay for community-based programs intended to stop shootings. The idea is to boost resources for violence prevention programs, which have been overwhelmed in some cities by a spike in violent crime since the start of the covid-19 pandemic.

An infusion of reliable federal funding, advocates say, could allow these nonprofits to expand their reach to more residents most at risk of being shot — or of shooting someone.

So far, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, New York and Oregon have passed laws approving the use of Medicaid money for gun violence prevention, said Kyle Fischer, policy and advocacy director for The Health Alliance for Violence Intervention, which has lobbied for the federal and state Medicaid policy changes allowing this spending. More states are expected to follow.

“These are concrete things that we can do that avoid the debates around the Second Amendment,” Fischer said.

In a nation where we have no shortage of poor folks who need medical care, including homeless veterans who served their country honorably, only the morally bankrupt scumbags running Biden Administration behind the scenes would allow monies earmarked to help the poor and the disabled to be stolen to give to so-called “anti-violence” programs.  And when our dementia-like President needs to be rescued by the Easter Bunny, he clearly isn’t running the show.

Even Vox, hardly a bastion of conservative thought, has publicized the dubious records of these anti-violence programs not living up to the hype:

But studies on interrupters have been largely disappointing. Reviews of the evidence have found that the approach often produces no significant effect on shootings and murders, and some programs were even associated with more violence. While some studies have found positive effects, they are few and far between and suffer from methodological flaws. Taken together, the research is decidedly mixed — and offers little proof that the programs live up to their promise.

The research on interrupters “is mixed, incomplete, and very difficult to do,” Jeffrey Butts, a researcher at John Jay College of Criminal Justice who has studied violence interrupters, told me…

A 2015 review of the research, published in the Annual Reviews of Public Health, analyzed the results of interrupter programs across several American cities. None of the five studies included produced fully positive results, such as reductions in gun violence or murders. One program in Pittsburgh fared so poorly that it was linked to “an increase in rates of monthly aggravated assaults and gun assaults” in some neighborhoods.

There you have it. Pittburgh’s “anti-violence” program showed an increase in assaults.

Now that’s a ringing endorsement if there ever was such a thing. (PS: That’s sarcasm.)


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