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The Ultimate Mountian Hunting Rifle?

Pure Precision probably isn’t a name you’ve heard about yet, but that’s because they’ve recently rebranded. Mesa Precision is now Pure Precision. And that gives me the opportunity to test out their newest offering — the SKLTN Stainless lightweight hunting action.

Built out as a complete rifle for me by Pure Precision using the SKLTN action, Helix Six carbon fiber barrel, and a Pure Precision Altitude stock, this is an impressive and seriously lightweight hunting rifle.

Coming off the heels of reviewing a pile of ultra-budget hunting rifles for the Best Budget Rifle & Scope Combo article, getting to play with this was like driving a Ferrari when your daily is a clapped-out Corolla. 

What does spending a few grand on a hunting rifle get you? Let’s find out.

KEY FEATURES – Stainless Body:

  • Larger ejection port, makes for easy loading
  • Remington 700 foot print
  • Accepts Wyatt’s extended internal box magazines
  • Integrated recoil lug scalloped to reduce weight
  • Screw hole spacing works with  Talley, Nesika Bay, Hawkins Precision LR Hybrid Rings
  • Gas vent, in case of a case head separation or pierced primer
  • Lightening cut to reduce weight


  • 75 degree bolt throw, two lug design
  • Trimmed stainless shroud to reduce weight
  • Lightened bolt knob
  • Skeletonized bolt handle
  • Coating on bolt body
  • Fluted firing pin
  • Chrome silica firing pin spring
  • Spiral fluted bolt
  • Re-engineered fire control/improved pin fall
  • Plunger ejector
  • M16 style extractor


The heart of this is the Pure Precision SKLTN Stainless action. Mine is short action sized and weighed in at just 21 ounces, the long action version is a mere 23 ounces. 

With a fluted bolt, 75-degree throw, and a silky smooth feel, the SKLTN is pretty impressive right out of the box. While it is clear steps have been taken to lighten the action as much as possible, such as fluting the bolt and taking lightening cuts from everywhere one might take one, the action is still robust and solid. Nothing feels loose, weak, or like it can’t handle the riggers of use. 

Instead, it just feels like an incredibly well-made action but insanely lightweight. And Pure Precision managed to do this without the use of expensive exotic metals like titanium. Sure, $1,300 bucks for an action ain’t cheap, but for a custom mountain rifle, it’s not bad either.

Something I don’t love is that there is no integrated rail on the SKLTN. This helps the action seem lighter than it really is since there is no rail adding mass to the spec sheet, but it doesn’t really save weight on your finished rifle since you still have to add a rail either way.

This is a pretty steep price but not unreasonable for a custom action. However, a custom action at this price that doesn’t come with an integrated 1913 rail is a bit of a disappointment.

That said, the SKLTN does come drilled and tapped for a rail of your choosing. 

Helix Six Barrel

A wonderful barrel from a great brand, Helix Six, makes some outstanding barrels, and this is no exception. Lightweight, strong, and cools very quickly, this is really an outstanding barrel that shoots exceptionally well. 

There are not many carbon fiber barrels I trust, but this being the second of Helix Six’s I’ve gotten to review, I have been extremely happy with both. 

Stock And Chassis

Pure Precision shipped the rifle to me with their Altitude stock. It is lightweight, looks great, and feels nice to shoot. I have zero real complaints about the stock and, in fact, like it a lot. However, I did remove it and instead installed an MDT HNT-26 because I like chassis. ARCA rail, adjustable stock LOP and cheek rest, and chassis are simply what I like shooting best. 

The MDT HNT-26 is a 26-ounce chassis that is basically all carbon fiber and plastic. Weirdly lightweight, the HNT-26 made for a rock-solid chassis to test the SKLTN with.


Topped off with a Bushnell Match Pro ED and fitted with an MDT Ckyepod, the SKLTN is an amazing shooter. Half MOA from my handload ammo is standard at 100 yards, providing I kept the strings of fire fairly short to not overheat the barrel. 

Since this is a dedicated hunting rifle or NRL: Hunter rifle, short strings of very accurate fire are what it is designed to do. 

The action is silly smooth. The trigger is crisp and breaks perfectly. Even the 75-degree throw feels really good, though it does tend to torque the rifle a bit since it is such a lightweight rifle. That’s normal.

Using the SKLTN in some positional shooting offhand, off props, and prone, the rifle performed exactly as I hoped — perfectly. 

I can’t say that the included brake on this rifle was the best I’ve ever used, but it was more than enough to tame down the shots. This might not seem important since it was only 6.5 Creedmoor, but when the rifle is this lightweight, a brake really helps.

Ideally, I would throw a suppressor on this for the ultimate game harvester. 

Groups were consistently sub-MOA by a mile. The best 5-shot group I got was .4 MOA and the worst group was only .7 MOA. Most of my shooting with the SKLTN was under 300 yards, but pushing it to 500 yards was still pretty simple. The rifle just shoots.


I have no real complaints about this rifle. The action is wonderful, the barrel is outstanding, and the stock is great, but just not to my personal tastes. I would have liked to have seen an integrated rail, but it’s not a deal breaker either.

Overall, if you’re looking for a lightweight action, I think the Pure Precision SKLTN is a great choice. If you want a complete rifle from them, I think you’ll be exceedingly happy with the result.

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