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SIG Sauer Expands Professional Program to Include Vets

SIG Sauer announced this month that its SIG Professional Program (SPP) now includes all honorably discharged veterans. SPP offers discounted pricing on select SIG Sauer firearms to those who protect and serve our communities and country and is available at select retailers.

The announcement that SPP is expanding is part of the company’s commemoration of the 40th anniversary of its famed SIG 226. U.S. Navy SEALS relied on the pistol for roughly three decades and it was also used by various elements of the Coast Guard, FBI, Air Marshalls and Homeland Security.  

“To celebrate the rich military and law enforcement history of the P226, we will kick-off the year by extending our appreciation to those that charted the pistol’s path to its place in history,” said Tom Taylor, chief marketing officer and executive vice president of commercial sales at SIG Sauer. “For the duration of 2024, in addition to adding veterans, the SIG Professional Program will have a significant addition of products, and will be available at a much-expanded network of commercial retailers,”

With proper credentials, qualifying active-duty military, retired military and veterans—along with law enforcement or security professionals—can receive discounts on select popular SIG Sauer firearms through SPP. The program can be accessed through SIG Master and Elite Dealers, as well as select retailers in addition to the current SIG Law Enforcement Dealers. To find an authorized dealer in any area, enthusiasts can use the convenient locator on the SIG Sauer website.

SPP is open to active-duty and retired military, honorably discharged veterans, active reservists and active national guard. Corrections officers, sworn law enforcement officers, and active or retired officers also qualify. Also included are EMTs, firefighters, volunteer firefighters, court officials, coroners, first responders and paramedics. Proper identification and/or credentials are required, as well as documentation in some cases. Complete details are found on the program’s webpage.

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