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New Magpul DT “Dual Tension” Carbine Stock

The stock on your AR does a lot more work than you might give it credit for. It’s essential for shooter comfort, stability, and recoil control, and as anyone who’s inadvertently put a commercial buttstock on a milspec buffer tube can tell you, even a small amount of wobble can be extremely annoying. With this in mind, Magpul has developed a new design known as the Magpul DT stock. DT stands for Dual Tension, a reference to its new, enhanced length-of-pull locking mechanism.

Above: The existing CTR stock has been a popular choice for hard-use applications — such as this full-auto belt-fed AR Fightlite brought to our CANCON Georgia event — due to its secure friction lock. Magpul’s new DT stock has integrated the feature into its adjustment lever.

The new Magpul DT stock is essentially a halfway point between the popular MOE SL and the CTR. The former uses a single LOP adjustment lever to move the stock on the receiver extension, while the latter has an adjustment lever plus a separate friction lock lever. The DT makes that friction lock an auto-engaging part of the standard adjustment lever, reducing the number of moving parts and making it so the shooter doesn’t need to remember to engage the lock manually after each adjustment.

The end result is extra tight lockup between the stock and buffer tube/receiver extension. Magpul also says it provides “increased durability in case of severe impacts,” such as mortaring your rifle to clear a malfunction.

In addition to the new locking system, the Magpul DT stock has a curved buttpad that’s designed after the size of the SL with the plate-carrier-friendly contours of the CTR. As with most Magpul stocks, the DT has a sling loop as well as an anti-rotation QD sling socket. For non-AR applications, a CTR cheek riser can be installed as well.

The Magpul DT stock is available now at an MSRP of $65. For more information, go to

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