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First Shots: Primary Weapons Systems BDE Suppressors

There’s no denying that sound suppressors are a useful and necessary addition to your shooting experience. Their role in reducing sound levels to those below the threshold of hearing damage alone makes them a vital accessory to your firearm, and there are many companies providing quality sound-suppression devices on the market. Primary Weapons Systems, long known for its line of performance AR-15-style rifles, is one of those companies, and has expanded its BDE line of suppressors to cover a wider variety of firearms.

Primary Weapons Systems launched the BDE line in 2022 with the BDE 762 suppressor, obviously aimed at .30-caliber rifles such as .308 Win. and 6.5 Creedmoor. This suppressor was rapidly joined by the BDE 22, for rimfire, BDE 9mm for centerfire handguns in 9 mm and BDE 556 for standard AR-15-style rifles in .223 Rem./5.56 NATO. All PWS BDE suppressors are threaded for direct-attachment using industry-standard thread pitches appropriate to the indicated caliber.

Primary Weapons Systems’ BDE suppressors are 3D-printed from aerospace-grade titanium and PVD-coated for durability. The titanium construction yields a device that is stronger than other materials, yet lighter, while the PVD coating actually bonds to the titanium for a superior finish. The BDE 762 and 556 suppressors offer removable sections to allow for shorter overall lengths, useful for CQB or simply fitting in a range bag without having to remove the suppressor.

We had a chance to test out the BDE suppressor line on our indoor test range and also at a product launch at an outdoor range, and everything from the rimfire BDE 22 to the BDE 762 for rifles works phenomenally. While we’re still fans of using additional hearing protection even with suppressed firearms (under all but extremely limited circumstances, even suppressed firearms produce decibel levels that, while not harmful to hearing, aren’t exactly pleasant). The Primary Weapons Systems BDE line of suppressors is definitely one to watch. 

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