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First Look: Viridian Laser Sights For The SIG Sauer P365

Viridian Weapon Technologies is introducing two new products specifically designed for the SIG Sauer P365, the C5L Custom and CTL Custom which are designed to fit the proprietary rail on those guns. These new C Series lights and lasers are the latest evolution in the line and introduce custom mounting and design. The usability of these accessories reaffirms Viridian’s commitment to delivering top-tier performance and innovation while adapting to the needs of today’s firearm owners.

“Our customers are a driving force behind product design and innovation,” said Viridian President and CEO, Brian Hedeen, “The C5L Custom and CTL Custom for SIG P365 represent the embodiment of our commitment to listening to feedback–there was a big demand to provide a custom fit rechargeable light and laser for the SIG and these two products go above and beyond both in form and function.”

C5L Custom for the SIG Sauer P365

The C5L Custom features a Viridian Green laser and 550 lumens of illumination tailored for the SIG P365. This compact and high-performance green laser provide aiming and light in either day or night scenarios.

CTL Custom for SIG P365

The CTL Custom delivers 550 lumens of illumination and is specifically created for the SIG P365. With 17,000 candela, this tactical light elevates both the carry and tactical shooting experiences.

Building on the legacy of the C5L, which was the first green laser/light combination for compact pistols, the C Series Custom maintains the same standards of performance and reliability, and features Viridian’s patented “Instant-On” technology and internal rechargeable battery. Both include the Safecharge power system that provides reliable recharging and long life.

The C5L Custom and CTL Custom are constructed from machined 6061 aluminum and hard coat anodization. They have an IXP6 waterproof rating, which reflects their durability and reliability. Both of these compact rail-mounted light and laser accessories are backed by Viridian’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

For more information about the C5L Custom for SIG P365, CTL Custom for SIG P365, and other Viridian products, please visit

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