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First Look: ATAC Defense Integrated Rail Platform

ATAC Defense Integrated Rail Platform, Taking The Flex Out Of Carbines.

We’ve covered the premium ATAC Defense ADER both in print and video. And more recently plenty got hands-on with ATAC Defense wares at the Blade Show / Texas Gun Experience. Their latest is the new Integrated Rail Platform on their ELITE line. Available in 5.56mm and .300blk, the Integrated Rail Platform allows for a continuous, uninterrupted top rail like a monolithic system while still allowing for a traditional barrel/barrel nut attachment system. No worries about handguard flex or rotation, or concerns about bridging optics between the handguard and upper receiver.

Some may get some flashbacks of the ARMS S.I.R. system but unlike the S.I.R. the ATAC does not simply attach to a normal top rail. ATAC Defense uses a machined keyway system to attach the top rail and it’s further secured with fasteners.
ATAC Defense Integrated Rail Platform attachement diagram

While this does add some height it’s nothing drastic–because it’s the same as an HK 416.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

The Integrated Rail Platform is an ATAC Defense patent-pending system in which the upper and handguard are assembled then machined with a full-length inverted keyway down the top. A one-piece Picatinny rail is machined with a receiving keyway, and bolted down the top of the upper and handguard. This locks the handguard and upper together with a one-piece sight rail with no interruptions or breaks. This process eliminates the need for anti-rotation tabs, and eliminates the fear of twisting a handguard or breaking a barrel nut loose. It also provides a stable Picatinny platform so night vision or a thermal optic can be mounted in front of your day optic without fear of the rail twisting or moving. Other uses: Iron sights, align the front and rear sights or if you’re looking for extra eye-relief split optic rings could be utilized.

For more information on the ATAC Defense ELITE rifle or their Integrate Rail System, visit them online here.

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